Special events

Our restaurant is a place with a modern style and rustic look, which can be perfectly adapted to most assemblies for the type of celebration they want to carry out, since the attention they offer is personalized, thus adapting to needs and requirements of each person and providing a unique experience to your event. They ensure that the service they are provided is of the highest, in this way, their guests, be it a wedding, meeting or just a family reunion, will feel flattered by their hosts.

Space and Capacity

Our spacious room is enabled to receive up to 70 seated guests and 90 in cocktail-type events. In addition, it has an area for the reception, the bar area (Selva Oaxaca Cocktail Bar with a capacity for 40 people), space for a dance floor and a stage where live performances can be performed. Without a doubt, our space mixes old with modern elements, with a palette of earthy tones on our walls, it will be the right place for your unique celebrations.


We create experiences that stimulate the senses in a special environment, balancing the avant-garde and the tradition of the flavors of Oaxaca and Mexico.

Located on the tourist walkway, in the heart of the Historic Center and a few meters from the Santo Domingo Temple, they make our location a very convenient place.