• Aviation 230

    Gin or Mezcal. Maraschino liquor. Violet liquor. Lemon.

  • Last word 230

    Gin or Mezcal. Herb liquor. Maraschino liquor. Lemon.

  • Martini 230

    Gin. Dry vermouth. Aceituna.

  • Negroni 230

    Gin or Mezcal. Vermouth rosso. Campari.

  • Old fashion 230

    Whiskey or Mezcal. Bitter. Sugar.

  • Manantial 170

    Mezcal Joven Los Danzantes Espadín, Seasonal shrub, orange bitter, tonic water and grapefruit pearls.

  • Calmante 185

    Mezcal danzantes reposado with chamomile, chile mixe liqueur, agave syrup and copal

  • Naked and Famous 190

    Homemade mezcal, aperol, yellow chartreuse, lime juice, and a dash of mexican pasilla chili.

  • Cóctel Danzantes 170

    Homemade mezcal, seasonal fruit pulp and a touch of agave worm salt.

  • Oaxaca Gimlet 170

    Mexican Gin and seasonal fruit cordial.

  • Binni Sicaru 190

    Shrub (Peach, Apple, Strawberry, Artisanal Apple Vinegar, Sugar), Mezcal Espadin Alipus Santa Ana, Fino Sherry.

  • Trapiche 170

    Fermented Pineapple and Mixe Pepper Drink (Tepache), Tosted Tortilla-infused Mezcal Alipús Santa Ana, Nixta Maize Liqueur and Passion Fruit.

  • Nobile – Low ABV 120

    Delicate chamomile and cardamom infusion in rosé wine, tonic water and lime bitters.